At 2SN Healthcare Ltd. we are committed to providing quality healthcare portfolio services.


Our Founders

Dr. Sameer Nakedar


Mrs. Savina Nakedar

BSc (Optometry)


2SN Healthcare believes in collaboration with others. Our founders trust in the value of expertise and working in teams and partnerships. When problems to solutions are needed, often they are not a ‘quick fix’. Our organisation work together with various expert providers toward a common vision, and we understand the beauty of teamwork and will work in strategic service partnerships.

2SN Healthcare Ltd. has often utilised expertise through experience. In the app technology industry, we have a strong business partnership and affiliation with Noorisys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This international firm has been involved in development of several applications on web, android and iOS platforms over years. Unlike other firms, Noorisys Technologies works to provide cost-effective solutions to bespoke development ideas of applications and software.

2SN Healthcare Ltd. has affiliations with experts in the Aviation Medicine Industry. We has often consulted and collaborated with experts for client needs. In particular, we have a strong professional and business affiliation with Aeromedical Consulting UK.

Our team have worked together with providers in offering services for delivery of COVID-19 research and vaccinations at mass in organised clinics and services and partnerships with smaller GP surgeries have allowed successful completion. Our founders understand the impact of COVID-19 to governments and members of public. Our company is committed to helping others in the fight against COVID-19.