About FasterChecks

FasterChecks is a product of 2SN Healthcare in partnership with Aeromedical Consulting UK and Noorisys Technologies. It is the work of industry experts in the healthcare, aviation and information technology industries. 2SN Healthcare is a private healthcare portfolio company with expertise in medical services delivery. Aeromedical Consulting UK provides aeromedical services to the aviation industry, including consultancy on medical policy. Noorisys Technologies is an information technology company with expertise in customized software and mobile application development with an international portfolio.

FasterChecks allows people to prove they are COVID-free in real time using their smartphone. It is a digital platform that provides a touchless, safe, secure and streamlined way for people to show that they do not have coronavirus. In a COVID world, FasterChecks physically reconnects businesses with their customers safely and easily.

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Why Use FasterChecks

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the world with challenges to our once normal lives, and continues to do so.

People have been unable to access international travel, hospitality, entertainment venues and a whole variety of other services because of coronavirus.

As restrictions ease, in order to reopen safely and stay open, many businesses will have to prove in real time that customers who access their premises do not have coronavirus.

Whether it is an airline or cruise ship carrying passengers, a hotel, theatre, sports ground or nightclub, it will reassure customers and, therefore, be good for business that everyone present has been COVID-checked.

These checks may involve symptom checks, proof of negative testing, vaccination status declarations, passenger locator forms and other documentation as required by the authorities. It is likely to be operationally challenging, create delays and be inefficient for businesses to carry out these checks themselves on-site or at the door.

FasterChecks provides a safe and secure digital COVID verification solution that is efficient and cost-effective. In a COVID world, we make access easy to all those things that we have all so dearly missed.