Mrs Savina Nakedar (BSc) is a fully qualified optometrist. She is focused on perfection, quality and impression. She maintains a portfolio role in her career.

She first completed her bachelor’s degree at Bradford University. She has since worked under very well known establishments including Tesco’s and Vision Express. Savina has on numerous occasions received exceptional feedback from her peers and patients. She often is one of the highest performers for conversion rates and making plan in her sectors. She continually keeps up to date with her professional development and is fully registered with the GOC.

Savina through her interest in fashion and presentation, has created a clothing business with strong influences on social media platforms.

Savina believes in impression, and her efforts in ensure presentations are stunning has provided key developments in the fashion and digital solutions market.

Savina is involved with charity work with contributions to many ventures. Savina believes in giving back to those that are in need.

During her spare time, enjoys travelling and meeting new people. She also enjoys spending time with her children and family, who provide inspiration for all her efforts and ventures.